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Design Software

We have the best possible design software installed in our computers to give you an almost perfect representation of what your new kitchen will look like. This will enable you to truly see the space and layout of your new kitchen, making it easier for you to see what works well and maybe what you want to change. We can do a variety of tasks with our software, providing photo realistic images, detailed floor plans, perspective views and even pencil drawings and all this is provide FREE with no obligation to buy.


An elevation shows you the front view of each wall / run in your new kitchen. If we are just installing your new kitchen or you are installing yourselves and you require electrical / plumbing details, we will provide this for you free of charge when your order your new kitchen through us. We will detail where any supplies should be for the appliances selected and the kilowatt ratings of the appliances so correct supplies can be put in by your plumbers and electricians, great if you are having an extension or building a new home.

Photo Realistic Images

With our amazing design software, we can help you visualise exactly what your stunning new kitchen will look like. We add every detail in to our design from flooring, paintings, views from your windows, kettles, toasters and more....... As you can see from the  picture to the left, our images are very photo realistic and lifelike, the image below is the completed kitchen.

The Finished Project

The picture to the right shows the fully installed kitchen, very similar to our rendered image above. Some of our customers comment on how lifelike the kitchens look when we show them the rendered design images, and then once it is fully installed how it looks identical to the design images that they first saw during the presentation process.

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