1. Privacy policy  – Our privacy policy has been developed in order for you to understand how we collect, use, communicate and disclose and make use of personal information – see privacy policy.

2. Descriptions, prices and product information – All prices are expressed inclusive of any VAT payable unless otherwise stated.

3. Availability – If for any other reason, beyond our reasonable, control we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you except to ensure that you are not charged for that item.

4. Payment and acceptance – Your order is an offer to buy from us. A cooling off period of 14 days will be given from the date of order. After the 14-day cooling off period, any deposits paid for goods / services will be non-refundable (Subject to clause 3).

5. Sales Contract – After we have finalised your kitchen design, we will issue you with a final sales contract. We kindly ask you to review your Sales Contract in detail and advise us within 7 days of any errors or amendments required. Beyond this time, charges and delays could apply.

6. Delivery – Our delivery courier will make deliveries to you. We do our best to secure delivery within 7 days of the start date of your Installation order, or on the date requested or specified when your order is placed. If this is not possible, we shall advise you directly. For supply only deliveries, we ask you to check and report any damaged or missing items within 7 days of your delivery to Complete Kitchens Ely. Any items reported within this period will be supplied / replaced free of charge, any items reported after 7 days of delivery may incur a charge for replacement or missing items.

7. Failed delivery – If for any reason we are unable to deliver your items on the date agreed, and at least 60 days notice has not been issued to Complete Kitchens Ely. For example, the site is not ready, or we are unable to gain access to the property, then additional delivery / storage costs may be incurred.

8. Changing your delivery / installation date – If you wish to amend your confirmed delivery / installation date(s), you must notify Complete Kitchens Ely 8 weeks prior to the dates we have confirmed. Failure to supply a minimum of 8 weeks notice may result in additional costs for storage, installation labour costs and or delivery costs.

9. Installation – Once you have ordered an installation service, the installer will contact you to arrange a convenient time to attend your home to carry out a pre-installation survey. If the installation you require is not a standard installation (for example, it includes moving services, connection services or building works) this may incur further charges and you will be asked to enter into a further agreement with the installer for these works. Complete Kitchens Ely will provide you with an indicative costing for these works when placing your order. Throughout the installation you are responsible for giving the installer reasonable access to your property in order that installation works can be completed.

If you are not in on the agreed start date of installation or the property is not in a condition ready for installation to proceed, then we reserve the right to charge you a delay charge / labour charge.

We will do our best to procure that installations are started on the date agreed. However, the start date and completion dates that we give you are guides. Whilst we make every effort to install the items within that time, we shall not be liable if we fail to do so in part or in full due to circumstances beyond our control. We shall contact you to let you know if we are having any problems installing the items within the stated time.

We will do our best to ensure that the installer performs the services with due care and skill and observes all health and safety rules

Removal and disposal excludes refrigeration appliances.

10. Cancellation and refund policy – All cancellations must be made in writing and within 14 days of placing your order, beyond this time a refund will not be possible. If you are entitled to a refund, we will make a refund to the account originally charged for the purchase of the product or services. Refunds will be made at the earliest opportunity and will be dependent on transactional times associated with the original payment method.

11. Faulty items (appliances) – If, after a product has been fitted, you find a fault, we reserve the right to request the manufacturer or a registered engineer to contact you or make a house visit to confirm the fault. Manufacturer’s may require you to register the appliance guarantee with them, in this case you should contact the manufacturer at the earliest opportunity, should you have an issue with an appliance supplied by us.

12. Payments – You can pay by Cash, BACS transfer, Cheque, Mastercard or Visa credit card, Maestro, Solo, American Express or Delta debit card. Your credit/debit card details will be encrypted, to minimise the possibility of unauthorised access or disclosure.

Authority for payment must be given at the time of order. If there is a problem taking payment for all or part of your order, we will contact you by email (or by telephone if you have not given us an email address).

Supply only orders; 50% deposit payment will be required when you place your order, the remaining 50% balance must be paid 7 days prior to the delivery of goods.

Supply & installation orders; 50% deposit payment will be required when you place your order, the remaining 50% balance must be paid on completion of the installation (if glass templating and installation is required after the installation has been completed, we will leave a balance of £1,000 to be paid on completion of the glass installation), the above terms apply for product and dry fit installation charges.

If Complete Kitchens Ely Ltd are installing your products, typically the ‘additional works’ installation costs will be paid 50% day 1 of the installation direct to installer, with the final 50% balance payable upon completion of the installers work. This is to be agreed directly with the installer.

Complete Kitchens Ely Ltd provide you with an indicative costing for additional works such as electrics, plumbing, plastering. This cost is not set and can go up or down during the pre-installation survey / installation of your new kitchen. Any additional costs will be agreed between the customer and installer before the work starts.

‘Dry-fit’ being the installation of units, panels, plinth, influx, sink, taps, worktops, certification, minor carpentry works.

‘Additional works’ being the installation of plastering, electrics, gas, flooring, tiling & builders work.

13. Our responsibility to you – If we are in breach of these Terms & Conditions, we will only be responsible for any direct losses that you suffer as a result to the extent that they are a foreseeable consequence to both of us at the time you make the relevant order. Our products are for personal use only and our liability shall not in any event, include business losses such as lost data, lost profits, or business interruption.

Our liability to you in connection with any purchase order will not exceed the total price charged for the items. Our liability to you in connection with an installation order shall not, (subject to the remainder of this section 10) exceed £2,000,000 (two million).

14. General – Guarantee / Warranty information for each manufacturer will be supplied to you on completion of the installation. If you do require confirmed manufacturer guarantees prior to the installation starting, please contact Complete Kitchens Ely Ltd.

Appliances – Covered by the standard manufacturers guarantee – it is the customers responsibility to ensure appliances are registered online with the manufacturer. If appliances are not registered with the manufacturer this may invalidate your guarantee.

Worktops – Laminate worktops come with a 12 month guarantee against manufacturing defects. All joints are fully sealed to a professional finish. Please ensure that no water is left on the joints of laminate worktops to avoid the joint lifting in the future. Any laminate worktops reported to Complete Kitchens Ely where the joint has lifted due to water damage will not be replaced free of charge. Care should be taken to ensure that laminate worktop joints are not exposed to water, or heat and any water spillage is cleaned immediately.

Worktops – Solid Wood worktops come with a 12 month guarantee. Subject to the type of solid wood worktop you have purchased will depend on the care and maintenance required, we recommend you read the care and maintenance leaflet supplied to ensure your worktops receive the correct maintenance to preserve their life. Water must not be left standing on wood worktops, this can cause black marking on the worktops which would not be covered under the product guarantee. If you notice any signs of the worktops becoming dry it is essential additional coats of oil are added immediately.

Stone Worktops – Quartz and Granite worktops can vary slightly in shade, colour and pattern, to the samples seen in the showroom or from our suppliers.

Care of Timber doors – Wood is a beautiful natural product and the different grains and textures in the wood often means there are a variety of tonal differences in the doors and drawer fronts.

Exposure to daylight will change the appearance of the natural wood fascia’s. Each type of timber reacts differently and at a different rate, becoming darker, richer and with more contrast. Exposure to direct sunlight will bleach wooden furniture. Bleaching of colours can affect your furniture within two months and will be different on each of the door and drawer front components, depending upon its position relative to the windows.

Installation in recently plastered properties can see the moisture drawn into the timber causing a slight swelling, which will reduce when the relative humidity returns to normal. The degree of reaction is dependent on the timber type.

Vinyl doors – Vinyl wrapped MDF doors and laminate worktop joints can be affected by heat, water, and steam. Care should be taken to ensure the edges of doors are not exposed to prolonged or excessive heat from small domestic appliances (kettle, toaster, etc) and integrated extractor doors are opened with the extractor in operation when a hob is in use. Care should be taken to ensure the edges of doors are not doused in water.

Exposure to direct sunlight will eventually bleach the colours slightly and will be different on each of the door and drawer front components, depending upon their position relative to the windows.

 All installation work is guaranteed for 2 years against defective workmanship.

We shall not be responsible for any breach of these Product and Installation Terms & Conditions caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In particular, if the performance of installer’s obligations under these Product and Installation Terms and Conditions is prevented, or delayed, by any act or omission by you, neither we nor the installer shall be liable for any costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by you arising directly or indirectly from such prevention or delay. Except as expressly set out in these Product and Installation Terms & Conditions, all use of your personal information will be made in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

These Product and Installation Terms & Conditions are subject to English law. We will try to solve any disagreements quickly and efficiently. If you are not happy with the way we deal with any disagreement and you want to take court proceedings, you must do so in England.

15. Offers & Promotions – Complete Kitchens Ely Ltd reserves the right to remove any offer or promotion at any time without notice. Offer & Promotion terms can be found on our website.

16. Customer Services: if you have any queries, please contact us at Complete Kitchens Ely, Unit W5 Black Bank Business Park, Black Bank Road, Little Downham, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB6 2UA

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